A Closer Look At Dental Alignment Options


Everyone craves for a perfect indentation where all teeth are perfectly aligned. Unfortunately, not everyone has teeth are present in their ideal positions. The good this is that these is a problem that can be solved with the help of dental braces. Ideally, braces are orthodontic tools used to straighten teeth. Metal braces and Invisalign are the main types of orthodontic braces used today. In this regard, here are a few attributes that influence the use of one type over the other.

Invisalign Vs. Metallic Dental Alignment


One area where Invisalign braces win over metallic ones is aesthetics. Invisalign braces are clear whereas metallic braces have a wire running through them. Thus, it is clear why Invisalign are a preferable option when it comes to aesthetics. This makes Invisalign braces perfect for young people, those in hospitality business or anyone that prefers invisible braces.


The cost of having braces is a common concern for patients sxsDxcaDlooking for dental braces. One might ask, how much does invisalign cost? Well, between these two options, as expected, invisalign braces cost more than metallic braces. This is because invisalign braces are a recent innovation. Besides, having clear braces calls for the services of a skilled dentist. Moreover, one is expected to make some clinic visits to replace existing braces with tighter ones.


Use of one option over the other is not limited to personal preferences only. As such, special cases that might limit you to using only one type of dental brace and not the other. For instances, patients with some skeletal deformities or severe crowding can only use metallic braces. This is because clear braces can not bring about large dental adjustments. As such, people with minor misalignment cases can use invisalign braces.

Maintenance needs

zxzadcADXccInvisalign braces are not only clear but removable sets. As such, they can be removed depending on the immediate needs of the patient. You can always take them off when eating or brushing your teeth. On the other side, people with metallic braces do not have this option, as they are fixed. In this regard, people with metallic bracelets are advised to observe active measures of dental care. Else, they risk having increased amounts of plaque or some dental infections.

From the factors discussed, it is clear that both metallic and invisalign dental aligners have their unique sets of advantages and disadvantages. As such, when going for orthodontic clinics, it advisable to consult with your doctor before arriving at the best possible solution.