How To Jump Higher – Top Tips


Isn’t it amazing to see professional basketball players jump so high? Don’t you sometimes wonder if there are springs in their shoes? Do you sometimes find yourself thinking about what they do to get themselves off the ground with such remarkable heights? Are you wondering if you can jump as high as they do? At one time or another, you could have tried searching for tips on how to jump higher but found that there are just too many. There is no single source for such tips, but there are proven techniques to help you improve your vertical jump.

Working on legsyuioiuytrdes

Aside from hard work and determination, what other things should one do to increase the height of his jump? The very obvious answer is working on leg muscles are accountable for helping one get off the ground as far as you can. The calves seem to play the most part when you are jumping. Your calf muscles will give you the spring that you need so you can jump as high as you can. Therefore, one of the tips on how to jump higher is to tone your calf muscles.

Performing exercises

Other advice on how to jump higher include performing some tasks. One such exercise is the toe raise. Toe raises are pretty simple, and all that they will cost you is time. To do a toe raise, you only need to start with your feet flat on the floor then slowly raise yourself up until you are on tip toe. Hold this position for a few seconds then slowly lower yourself back down without letting your heels touch the floor. Do ten sets of this exercise properly as a start, gradually increasing to a hundred.


Jogging is also a good way to help you jump higher. It gives you a great overall workout, and it is among the proven tips on how to jump higher. Jogging helps tone your legs, torso, and buttocks. It also tests your lung capacity. As an alternative, you might want to jump rope instead of the jog – especially when it is raining or too snow outside.

Use of proper shoes

Theregvfcxzasdf are still a lot of tips on how to jump higher, including the use of proper shoes. Try wearing comfortable and appropriate shoes when you are playing basketball or working out in the gym and feel the difference as you try to make higher jumps. Remember, the key to jumping higher is not merely exercise and having the proper gear; it also requires a healthy lifestyle and lots of hard work and determination.

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